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Total IBA has around 4,700 students annually - represented by 1,500 full time students, and 3,200 students on the professional development courses.

Students come from both Denmark and abroad, forming the basis of an exciting, attractive and international student environment.IBA offers higher education programmes at AP, Professional Bachelor and Master’s levels, within areas such as finance, sales and marketing, communication, technology and web, production and management, amongst others.

In addition IBA offer various further educations and short courses to business people who need an upgrade to their skillset, along with 6-week courses for jobseekers within a wide range of fields.

VIA University College was established in 2008 .It is the largest of the country’s seven university colleges, covering the Central Denmark Region. VIA offers a wide range of educational programmes within health, business, technology, social education, design and animation. As Denmark's largest university college with focus on applied sciences, we strive to be a leading educational institution in Denmark and internationally.

Their goal is that by 2020, 30 percent of our employees will hold a PhD. Already, most students gain experience with research, innovation and development during their studies. In 2013, the Danish university colleges gained official rank as research institutions.

VIA increasingly takes an international approach to education and research. Almost half of their programmes are taught in English and they offer international double degrees, student and staff exchange, summer schools and research projects.

At DANIA academy you will never be “just a number” but a person, whom they personally take care of. Your well-being and inspiration is highly valued, and you will be in close contact with teachers and staff for whom your success during your stay is a personal matter. Their students’ service centre, where the staff helps you with personal and practical problems, is an example of just that. They aim at giving you a practically orientated education that makes the step into employment easily accessible. For the same reason they have a close collaboration with businesses and industries.

All teachers have university degrees and experience from private business and industry. They have agreements with a wide network of international partners for discussion of staff and students to get international experience by doing their internship abroad. Apart from that, about 150 full-time students from all over the world come to Dania every year to study in one of our international degree programmes.

Aarhus is the second major city in Denmark with a population of more than 300,000 people. It has the highest percentage of students in Denmark where almost 16% of the population are students.

Despite the rapid progress, Aarhus is a pleasant place to live because of its relaxing and peaceful environment due to its closeness to the beautiful forests and beaches. It is also a vibrant city with a mix of the old and the new; old because of its status as the second oldest city in Denmark, and new because of the average age of its population. This is one of the reasons why Aarhus succeeds to attract a lot of students from the rest of Denmark, Europe and outside of Europe.

No matter whether you are looking for an internship or your first job after graduation, Business Academy Aarhus’s Career Centre can provide you with the inspiration, tools and assistance you need. They also provide individual Guidance and Advice.


They aim to develop and provide practical higher education at the academy bachelor level and professional higher level. It’s an area of higher education and research institution with locations in Esbjerg and Sønderborg.

Which is done in close cooperation with the region's business sector and educational institutions national and international. EASV also serves as a national knowledge centre of innovation & entrepreneurship (NIC). They offer a flexible higher education system adjusted to meet future needs, innovations and offer a modular continuing education customized the market.

University College Absalon is the regional university college in the province of Absalon offering 11 bachelor degree programmes.

University College Absalon has 8.500 full-time and 2.500 part-time students as well as 650 employees located at seven campuses across the region.

University College Absalon has a campus structure which is supported by joint leading elements which across the whole organization ensures high professional competence, cooperation and development internally as well as externally.

Additionally, University College Absalon offers in-service training and further education with several thousand students as well as international diplomas and degrees. The Regional Centre for Educational Services Zealand is part of the organization.

University College Absalon is actively part of partnership projects with municipalities, the region, research institutions and the business community.

The school is home to six academic departments, all internationally recognized for their quality of educational and research activities, as well as a large number of internationally recognized research centres. Gathering all business and social science disciplines under the same strategic framework has created a dynamic and visionary organization, which is flexible and changes in line with the society's needs for qualified graduates with the right skillsets.

The research-based degree programmes offered by the school include highly recognized programmes within disciplines such as economics, finance, accounting, logistics, human resource management, organization, marketing, management information systems, innovation, entrepreneurship, business communication, law, psychology, public administration and political science.

Zealand - Academy of Technologies and Business is a regional academy in the Zealand region of Denmark where you also find the capital city, Copenhagen.

Besides the Vice-Chancellors and President’s office in the city of Køge, educational programmes and other activities are offered in different regional highly specialized campuses in the Zealand region. Each campus is unique in terms of location and/or profile. The philosophy of Zealand - Academy of Technologies and Business is to benefit from size but at the same time to be unique with a strong local profile and study environment at each campus.

Zealand - Academy of Technologies and Business was founded by law in 2008 as an academy of higher education under the supervision of the Danish Ministry of Education. In 2011 the Danish Ministry of Education was transformed into the Danish Ministry of Science, Innovation and Higher Education.

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