Admission & Visa Guidelines

Entry Requirements

Bachelors: Class 12th with 60%

Masters: Bachelor Degree with 60%

*Note: Technical universities may ask for Math Verification form stating that student has studied math in Class 12th is mandatory. The form should be signed and stamped by School

*Note: Score of 65% and students with one year further education will get priority in few colleges & universities,

English Entry Requirements:

Minimum IELTS 6.0 is required (It may vary according to the course requirement)

Acquiring Offer Letter

Once the student meets the entry requirements of preferred study program, student is required to apply for the same program on the university or college portal and pay an application fees if applicable. Then the concerned university or college will assess the application and provides an offer or admission letter which confirms student’s admission.

Therefore, acquiring an offer letter from the university plays an important role in the entire process of your study abroad.

Fees Payment

After receiving an offer letter from the University or College, student will get a deadline to pay the fees for the first year. Generally, students are required to pay the tuition fees within the two weeks of receiving offer letter.

It is always recommended to pay the tuition fees for the entire program student is applying for as it would be count as additional benefit on visa stage.

Visa Guidance

To file a Denmark Visa, there is a systematic process which needs to be followed by every applicant after getting offer letter from the concerned college or university. Following steps will give an approximate idea about the entire visa process:

Visa Application

Once student get the offer letter, they need to pay the tuition fees for the first semester before filing a visa. After that, the below mentioned procedure would be followed to get the positive results or visa success.


Students are required to submit all the necessary documents as per the shared checklist. Our expert team will assess student’s document and update student accordingly.

Visa Interview Preparation

At SDC, we have experienced and knowledgeable professionals who are aware about the level and general questions of the visa interview that could be asked by the officer. We provide a questionnaire to students and prepare them for F2F interview.

Mock Rounds

In order to assess the student’s potential and knowledge, our expert will conduct a final mock round so as to build a confidence in student prior to final embassy interview.

Required Funds

The most important and attractive part of Denmark is that No Funds are required to show at the time of visa filing.

Embassy Interview

Once student’s file is submitted to VFS, they may receive a call to visit there for final F2F interview which would conclude student’s final result.

Visa Success

After student’s interview, student’s Denmark visa will approve and it’s time to pack your bags to shape your international career.

Spouse Visa

In Denmark, spouse can also go along with student. Therefore, once the student is arrived and gets residence permit card, spouse and kids can also apply for their visa

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