Why Denmark?

An impulsive decision in choosing your study abroad destination can create lots of chaos in your career. Therefore, it is crucial to understand all the aspects of Denmark Education system. Unlike other European countries, Denmark has lots of benefits for international student which eventually provides a better life.

why denmark

High Quality Education

Denmark is a goldmine of high quality education and 5 Danish universities comes under QS World University Ranking. The degree student earns at Danish universities or colleges will be internationally recognized and valuable for meeting future aspects. The education system and facilities offered by most of the universities in Denmark are highly appreciated all over the world.

Tuition Fees & Scholarships

Study in Denmark is not as expensive as you think. Tuition fees in Denmark vary from the level and duration of the education. The cheapest degree in Denmark starts from 6000 EUR per year which is comparatively affordable than other European countries.

Some universities or colleges also offer scholarships to students on merit basis as they are looking for crème students who can also contribute to the standard of their education level.

International Students can also apply for Erasmus Mundus Scholarship Programme under which all the expenses are funded by European Union for both EU and Non-EU students. This scholarship is available for masers or doctoral level. Students with good English proficiency and excellent academic background can apply for these scholarships.

Erasmus offers full-time scholarships including monthly allowance, participation costs, traveling and insurance costs of the students.

Friendly Living Environment

Denmark offers amicable living environment to international students as the culture and atmosphere is quite open minded. Students from different parts of the world would help you to create a great networking.

Apart from this, you can freely live in Denmark without any fear of racism. The local people speak Danish but 70% of the population uses English to communicate. Also, you can easily access to entertainment, libraries, restaurants and other outdoor activities.

Safe and Happiest Destination

It would be an additional advantage for you if you have chosen Denmark as your study destination in abroad. According to the reports, Denmark is considered as one of the safest and happiest countries of the world. Asides this, healthcare facilities in Denmark are easily feasible and affordable at the same time.

The positive thinking and positive attitude of Danish people has helped Denmark to rank among one the happiest countries. There are number of social events that are organized on regular intervals to engage people from their busy life schedule.

Spouse & Kids Visa

In Denmark, spouse and kids are allowed on study visa. Also, spouse would be having full time work rights which are a fair deal. Students can easily concentrate on their studies while spouse can manage the expenses.

Additional Benefits

  • • Free Education for up to 2 kids above 5 years
  • • Spouse Full time work rights
  • • No taxable income up to 5.5 lacs

High Standard of Living

Living your life in a European country would surely offer you high standard of living. And we are talking about Denmark so it offers the second best quality of life in the world. The growing economy and health benefits of Denmark make it a country with high living standards. In Denmark, people are easily accessible to necessary needs such as basic knowledge, water and sanitation, health care, information and technology and etc.

Exceptional Career Opportunities

With premium education, Denmark also provides exceptional career opportunities to international students. They can also work while studying but once they get their degree, colleges or universities help students to get placed in reputed companies for internships. Further, students can acquire the position on permanent basis according to their skills and knowledge.

During studies, international students in Denmark are allowed to work 20 hrs/ week on a minimum wages of 10-12€ per hour.

After completion of educations, international students get job search visa for 6 months in which students can find a suitable job for themselves to begin their career. Further, they can extend their visa on the basis of work permit.

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