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Living Environment for International Students

Living Environment in Denmark is friendly and flexible that makes students to adjust their quite easily. Students from different parts of the world come there to pursue their higher education so it offers multi-cultural environment.

Student gets welcoming gestures from the residents of Denmark. In addition to this, international students would be able to enjoy healthcare and safety benefits of the Denmark as it is known as one of the safest and happiest countries in the world.

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Accommodation while studying

The biggest challenge comes when you arrive to a foreign country and started looking for your accommodation but it is always recommended that students should book their dormitories or housing before arrival. This action could make your journey quite easier and would not create any hassles in the beginning.

Copenhagen is one of the most developed cities of Denmark where most of the international students want to get accommodation but on another side it is one the expensive place to live. But if you low at budget then you can choose other locations as well according to the location of your universities or college. It would not only help you to get affordable housing but deduct transportation costs as well.

For accommodation, you also have to pay a descent amount which ranges between 250 EUR/month to 600 EUR/month depending upon the location and occupancy. In Copenhagen, housing is quite expensive than other areas because it is the capital city of the Denmark.

Living Expenses

As per general calculation, Denmark is known for offering high quality of life with exceptional benefits therefore living in Denmark would be enjoyable for you but at the same time you have to pay a handsome amount.

Depending upon your lifestyle and city, you can plan your expenses as it would be quite difficult to state an accurate number.

Average Living Expenses in Denmark varies from 600 EUR/ month to 1000 EUR.

Apart from this, international students are advised to open their bank account in Denmark as it would enable them to use online banking services and they are not required to carry hard cash.

Travel and Transport

First and foremost thing while you are planning to study in a foreign country is your accommodation and transportation as this would include in your daily life.

In Denmark, public transport is majorly used by locals as well as international students. Travelling in Denmark is not a difficult task as it is easily accessible and affordable.

Trains, buses, metros and taxis are easily available to commute for both shorter and longer distances. You can make a monthly public transport pass which costs around 50 EUR/month. If you are arriving from abroad then airport shuttle bus service is also available.

How to work and earn in Denmark?

Being quite active and smart would easily help you to get a job in Denmark. It may be quite challenging but you can work in restaurants and companies where they require English speaking people who can manage foreign clients.

There are various online job search portals in Denmark especially for international students and from where you can get a job.

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