Frequently Asked Questions

How do I approach?

SDC (Study in Denmark Centre) will help students to find the relevant courses and University/Colleges. When you are at the point of finding a desirable university for your programme, we recommend that you contact the Admissions Office of SDC. For each programme, description will be provided by SDC.
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What types of courses, degrees and study programmes can I study in Denmark?

As a student when you contact SDC, we talk and discuss about your wishes accordingly SDC will provide you such details, so here we provide a list of programmes that are taught in English.

What does ECTS mean?

European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) is a method of measuring your study programme as academic currency. ECTS is used all over Europe and enables you to easily compare study programmes and transfer your academic qualifications from one educational institution to another.

The use of ECTS points is compulsory in higher education in Europe. All Danish higher education programmes are described according to ECTS as a system for both credit transfer and academic credit accumulation towards the final degree.

How do I obtain a Visa?

Our Visa officer will get in touch with you as well provides all the relevant details that will help you for preparation of your application to submit your visa application at VFS office. Visa officer will share the Visa-guidelines with students.

What types of Scholarship can I obtain as a student in Denmark?

Danish Universities offer a limited number of scholarships that may be applied during the application process for a study programme in Denmark. For more clarification students can contact application officer at SDC. Click here

Will I assistance regarding my travel?

SDC will arrange/provide all the information related to your travel like – Visa, Air-ticket, Airport pic-up, Forex & Accommodation. Click Here

Where can I ask my questions?

You can ask your questions and join discussions at the Study in Denmark centre Facebook page.

Where can I ask my questions?

You can ask your questions and join discussions at the Study in Denmark center facebook page.

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