Housing in Denmark


Living costs

As a first step, we advice you to visit the website of your Danish host institution and follow any recommendations that you find there.

Finding a housing in Denmark

Property prices in the capital of Denmark are on a level with many other European capitals. Danish properties are relatively large and housing standards are high. If you wish to rent a property, there are certain requirements you have to fulfill: The property must be used on a permanent basis and you must live in the property for at least 180 days per calendar year or 4 days a week. Persons who have no residence in Denmark, and who have not previously had residence in Denmark for a total of five years, need permission from the Ministry of Justice to purchase property in Denmark.

Possible temporary housing in Denmark


Many hotels have, besides the ordinary hotel rooms, furnished flats where you can get a lower price if you live in the same hotel for a longer period of time.

Furnished housing

Through property rental agencies you can rent temporary furnished housing, or furnished rooms till you move into a permanent property.

Consult your concerned institution

As a first step, we advice you to visit the website of your Danish concerned institution and follow any recommendations that you find there.

Rent from outgoing students (short-term rent)

If you are looking for housing for a shorter period (e.g. as an exchange student) one option could be to contact Danish students who will be studying abroad in the same time period that you will be studying in Denmark. You can use a service such as Housinganywhere connecting ingoing with outgoing exchange students. You could also try asking the individual student houses (listed above) if they could facilitate a shorter sublet.

Housing benefit (‘boligsikring’)

EU/EEA citizens are eligible for housing benefits (‘boligsikring’) – a subsidy for rent from the local council. However, other subsidies for housing loans and deposits are not available. For details on the requirements and how to apply, please contact your local council.

Other housing links

On the following websites, individuals and agencies offer rooms and apartments for rent and sale. You can also place your own ad in English. Some of the websites will charge you a fee to access contact details.

How much does it cost?

Here are some examples. Please note that these are estimates.

Room in a students hall of residence (kollegium)

  • EURO 240-460 /month
  • USD 350-610 /month

Privately rented room in a house/flat (with access to shower)

Estimated price, 12-20m2 room

  • EURO 270-600 /month
  • USD 350-780 /month

Privately rented flat

Estimated price, 35-60m2 apartment

  • EURO 470-940 /month
  • USD 600-1200 /month

Avoid housing-scams

While crime-rates in Denmark are low, scams do occur. Here is how to avoid them when looking for housing:

  • Be on the alert if a person with a room or flat for rent sendt you a text message with no visible phone number. These types of messages are sent though the web and may imply a scam.
  • Never pay money under the table. It is illegal and you have no legal way of getting your money back.
  • Never pay the deposit in cash. Instead make a bank transfer so the transaction can be traced.
  • Never pay the rent or deposit via services where you cannot reverse the transaction, such as Moneybookers Escrow or Western Union.
  • If you wish to see who owns the property you can do so at www.boligejer.dk
  • Make sure that you receive a contract signed by the current tenant or landlord.
  • Always read the contract carefully and make sure that what you agreed on is also confirmed in writing.
  • When subleasing make sure that the landlord/owner of the property is informed of the sublease. This will put you in a better position in case of a conflict between the landlord/owner and the person subleasing to you.
  • Be on the alert if you are required to sign immediately. Do not feel pressured into signing anything.

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