How to apply

On this page you can read more about how you as a host and visa applicant can apply for a visa to Denmark.

Tips for the host

  • Complete an invitation. There are several different ways to invite a visitor. Read more about invitations for a visa stay.
  • Enclose a copy of the photo page of your passport and a copy of your Danish residence permit (if applicable).
  • Send the invitation (including copy of photo and any residence permit) or the invitation ID to your guest.

Please note:

  • The electronic invitation form can only be used in Danish representations.
  • You should not send an invitation to the Danish Immigration Service.

Tips for the applicant

The applicant must bring:

  • The invitation from your Danish host, either in the form of a printed invitation or an invitation ID, if the host submitted an online invitation.
  • Proof that you have travel insurance covering the entire Schengen area which is valid for the expected duration of your stay. The minimum coverage must be 30,000 €.
  • A valid passport or other form of travel document.

Please note: The Immigration Service recommends that you do not buy a plane ticket before receiving your visa. However, local agreements between Schengen countries representations may imply that you must have bought a plane ticket, why you should check the embassy's website, to find out which documentation is required when submitting a visa application.

General Condition for Visa

Does it cost anything to submit an application?

When you submit your application to a Danish diplomatic mission (embassy or consulate general) normally through a Visa Application Centre (VAC) you will normally have to pay a fee; a service fee to the Visa Application Centre and a visa fee for the diplomatic mission. The individual diplomatic mission can also make further demands such as extra passport photos or duplicate copies of the application. The Immigration Service recommends that you check the requirements on the website of the diplomatic mission in advance.

Submission of application

Visa applications should be submitted at a Danish diplomatic mission (embassy or consulate general). The application form is available below.

Application for visa

  • Application for Schengen visa (mandatory)
  • Invitation forms (optional)

You can also obtain a printed version of the application form at the diplomatic mission. The application cannot be submitted earlier than three months before the expected date of arrival in Denmark. If you already hold a multiple-entry visa valid for more than 180 days, you can apply earlier. Read more about duration. You must normally submit your application in your country of residence. You can submit it in another country if you are there legally and there is a valid reason for not submitting the application in your country of residence. You must submit your visa application in person. You will need to be fingerprinted. You may also be called in for an interview after submitting your application.

What should your visa application include?

  • A signed, completed application form
  • A passport or other valid travel document. Your passport/travel document must be valid for at least three months after your planned departure date. Moreover, your passport/travel document must have been issued within the past ten years and must have at least two blank pages
  • A passport photo measuring 35mm x 45mm. The distance from your chin to the top of your head should measure between 30mm and 36mm. The photograph should bear a close resemblance to your current appearance and you should be facing the camera directly.
  • Fingerprints
  • Payment of visa processing fee (typically €60) and a service fee to the Visa Application Centre.
  • Relevant documentation, such as information about the reason for the trip, proof that you have available accommodation, proof that you have sufficient means at your disposal to cover your living expenses as well as your travel home. You should also include information that will allow immigration authorities to determine whether you plan to leave the Schengen region when your visa expires
  • Proof that you have travel insurance. The policy must be valid throughout the Schengen region for the entire visa period. Minimum coverage must be €30,000

If your application is missing other information, the diplomatic mission will accept the application, but you and/or your host in Denmark will be asked to submit the required information. The processing of your application will begin, but the processing time will reflect the fact that it was incomplete at the time of submission.

Please note: The invitation forms contain a list of additional information and documentation to be submitted (depending on the type of visit). If the invitation form is submitted together with all required documentation, no further information will be necessary in most cases. Submitting a complete application will reduce processing times.

Representation agreements

In some countries, there is no Danish diplomatic mission to process visa applications. In such countries, Denmark will generally have a representation agreement with the diplomatic mission of another Schengen country to handle visa applications for Denmark.

Read more about representation agreements.

Stays in multiple Schengen countries

If you wish to visit multiple Schengen countries, you must submit your application at the diplomatic mission of the country in which the main part of your stay will take place or purpose of your visit.

This means that if the main purpose of your visit is in Denmark, or if you will be spending the majority of your stay in Denmark, then your visa application must be submitted at the nearest Danish diplomatic mission.

If, on the other hand, the main purpose of your visit is in another Schengen country, or if you will be spending the majority of your stay in another Schengen country, then your visa application must be submitted at that country's diplomatic mission.

If you plan to spend an equal amount of time in several Schengen countries, then your visa application must be submitted at the diplomatic mission of the first country you plan to enter.

If you have been granted certain types of residence or re-entry permits in another Schengen country, you do not need a visa to enter Denmark. Read more about residence permit issued by another Schengen country.


A visa to the Schengen countries is valid for a maximum of 90 days in any 180-day period. Those 90 days may be spread across one or more visits, depending on the number of entries you have been granted.

How many applications?

Danish authorities process approximately 110,000 visa applications per year.

About 9 out of 10 visa applications are dealt with within 15 days by the Danish diplomatic missions around the world.

When the Immigration Service processes the application?

When the Immigration Service receives a visa application, it will send an invitation form (VU1 or VU2) to the person you have indicated will be your host, if you have not already submitted an invitation form or invitation ID at the diplomatic mission. Since the Immigration Service sends the invitation form to the host's address listed on the application, please ensure that the host's address in Denmark is correct. Please note: If the Immigration Service has to send an invitation form, this may increase processing time.

When the Immigration Service sends out an invitation form, it has yet to make a decision about whether you can be issued a visa to visit Denmark.

In certain cases you, your host or both will be asked to provide further information for the processing of the case. The Immigration Service will communicate with you by writing to the diplomatic mission where you submitted your application. The diplomatic mission will then contact you.

A decision about your visa application will sent to the diplomatic mission. Your host will not normally receive a separate reply. If your host used an online invitation form and you submitted your application at a Danish diplomatic mission, your host will be able to follow the status of the visa case via Min Side (available in Danish only).

When the diplomatic mission issues a visa you will also receive a special attachment, Annex 1, informing you about penalty periods, travel insurance and the fact that you must have sufficient financial means at your disposal when entering the Schengen region.

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